About Us

Hi! Welcome to LifeKids, New Life’s Children’s Ministry.

This is a place where kids can have plenty of fun, be creative and become confident individuals who know the love of God and who love God with all their hearts!

We love God and kids. We are passionate about helping kids develop their potential and fulfill their dreams. Our LifeKids team plans and executes exciting and fun-filled programs both weekly and during school holidays where longer programs such as Vacation Bible School, children’s camp, local outings, and arts enrichment programs are conducted.


To create a S.E.E.D culture for kids who will have a vision to:-

  • SERVE GOD all the days of their lives
  • EXCITING programs and activities
  • Live life with DISCIPLINE.

We believe in providing a friendly learning place where kids are given the courage to EXPLORE and MAXIMIZE their potential. Beyond IQ and EQ, we strive to provide multi-intelligence development of each kid.

Our team is here to serve you and your kids, and ensure you have an enjoyable and fruitful time with us!