Never Steal – Mar 25

Never Commit Adultery – Mar 18

Never Murder – Mar 11

Honour Parents – Mar 4

Honour God’s Worship – Feb 25

Honour God’s Name – Feb 11

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FHL PJ GM GG: Jesus (Episode 4) – Nov 26

For Faith, Hope & Love class: 4-6 years old
For Peace & Joy class: 7-8 years old
For Grace & Mercy class: 9-10 years old
For Goodness & Gentleness class: 11-12 years old

The Bible compares the spiritual growth of a Christian to the construction of a building. The most important feature of any building is the foundation. Psalm 11:3 says that “if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Having noble intentions alone is never enough. Your life must be securely built upon the foundation truths and doctrines of Christianity. Without a clear understanding and application of these doctrines, you would eventually lose your devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.

In this last episode of a four-part series, you will continue your study on the core of foundations – Jesus. Episode four of this study will be teaching on the truth of “Resurrection of Jesus”. Prepare yourself as you come and learn on the biblical theology of Jesus.

FHL: God is powerful (Part 3) – Nov 19

For Faith, Hope & Love class: 4-6 years old