Small Group

Small group activities are personal in nature. Kids will grow in their inner spiritual life and know God personally through a safe environment of encouragement, care and love.

While their parents are worshipping, the kids are rockin’ out and praising God in their own way. Here, kids aged from birth-12 years are encouraged to learn in an interactive and multi-sensory setting, appropriate for their ages. Bible lessons are conducted to match different learning styles.

<3 Years Old

Baby Church is custom-made for infants and toddlers.
Infants (<12 months): A creche is available for mothers to nurse and care for their precious ones. We place an importance on sensory stimulation where we focus on the infant’s 3 senses – sight, touch and hearing. There will be stimulation cards and colorful toys/mobiles for them to explore. There is also a television linked to the main auditorium so that mothers will not miss out on the day’s sermon.
Toddlers (13-36 months): We seek to create a safe and Godly environment for toddlers to develop their gross and fine motor skills,as well as expand their imagination by creating messy play! We also place an importance on circle time whereby mothers can share their toddlers’ development and unite in prayer.


4-6 Years Old
This group consists of bubbly and adorable 4 – 6 year olds. Our program aims to teach them the basic truths about God and Christian life. We do this through Bible stories, songs, dance and movement and also arts and crafts. Kids also learn to worship God through music, prayer and giving a special offering each week.


7-8 Years Old
These kids are of inquisitive minds – always eager to learn and to share life experiences. The Word of God will excite them especially when they discover that it can apply to them. Here we encourage them to share their thoughts and you’ll soon discover that they encourage us more than we do them. This is the time where foundations are laid. We want to see lives changed and transformed.


9-10 Years Old
This age group is called Grace and Mercy. In this age group, kids will begin to have definite interests in life. This is when they become more independent and are able to do more abstract thinking. With this, our activities will allow them to develop in that area and not forget to build their knowledge of the Bible as well. We seek to build a closer bond with the kids of this age, to listen to their thoughts and to guide them in the Word and walks with God.

11-12 Years Old
This age group is call Goodness and Gentleness. This group’s devlopment is especially crucial as it will become a transition from their childhood to their teens. We serve with a heart of love and grace to instill in them Godly values as they face new challenges and issues in their new phase of life. We do this through group teachings, discussions, skits, dramas and roleplay. Our vision is for the kids to grow up serving God through various ministries in the church and to experience God first-hand.