Kids Rewards

Hooray (can you tell we’re excited?)! We are pleased to present to you some of our latest cool, great and funky reward gifts. Accumulate reward points whenever you come to church, brings a bible, brings a friend to church or memorizes bible verses! Just flash your LifeKids Card during “Redemption Day” and use your accumulated reward points to exchange for great gifts. YAY!

  • World Map Eraser

    World Map Eraser Points: 8 Description: Each eraser is labeled a country. Find the country you love. Product Availability: 72

    Spinning Pen (Limited Edition)

    Spinning Pen (Limited Edition) Points: 20 Description: Love pen spinning during class/tuition/every time you hold a pencil/pen? This is for you. Customized just for you to spin your pen smoothly. Woo people with you pen spinning tricks. Limited edition! Product Availability: 17

    Mickey Note Pads

    Mickey Note Pads Points: 10 Description: Disney Mickey mouse, a classical cartoon note pad. Limited edition! Product Availability: 24

    Cartoon Character Key Chains

    Cartoon Character Key Chains Points: 15 Description: Each rubber key chains is a different cartoon character. Carry it around your house keys or bags will definitely look good. Product Availability: 41

    Wooden Paper Clip

    Wooden Paper Clip Points: 2 Description: Differentย designedย and very useful for daily reminders as each clip have either day/number/expression for you to clip on your notes. Product Availability: 51

    Smiley Badges

    Smiley Badges Points: 7 Description: Love badges? This is for you! Every smiley badge is a different design. Product Availability: 302

    Expendable & Shrinkable Ball

    Expendable & Shrinkable Ball Points: 15 Description: Nicely connected, this can be expendable and be shrinkable. Unique and many kids love it. Product Availability: 16

    Happy Everyday Sticky Note

    Happy Everyday Sticky Note Points: 7 Description: Mini sticky note with different designs. If you see this on your notes, it brings in a smile. Happy everyday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Product Availability: 23

    Mushroom Cap Head Notebook

    Mushroom Cap Head Notebook Points: 7 Description: Cute thin notebook. Easy to write and carry around. Product Availability: 25

    iPhone Stick Note

    iPhone Stick Note Points: 10 Description: Many kids love this. iPhone stick note is a must for grab! Product Availability: 48

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